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9 Hazards Parents Face From Their Toddler’s Toys

Who imagined that seemingly harmless toys that your baby or toddler loves playing with could pose such a hazard to adults? Look out for these – you’ll thank us later…

Stepping on LEGO

Pointy corners and nobbles on a LEGO brick mean the pain from stepping on one (often when you’ve had less than three hours sleep and aren’t paying attention) is akin to the early stages of labour. Kind of.

Wallops from a toy mallet

Your baby is happily whacking wooden pegs with his mallet when he suddenly turns round with a happy grin and hits you in the face. Ouch.

Shin-banging scooters

While your toddler happily weaves in and out of people as you walk to nursery, when you have to bring the scooter back home, it hangs over your arm banging into your shin. You even try scooting along on it yourself until you fall off it – how does your little one make it look so easy?

Falling off a spacehopper

This classic 70s toy is still popular now, but when you try to demonstrate how to bounce on the hopper to your toddler, you end up getting a bit over-enthusiastic and bouncing off into the distance before it slides out from under you and you collapse in an undignified heap.

Flicked loom bands

Your crafty pre-schooler is obsessed with making loom band bracelets, but when you try to make your own one, the elastic bands ping off your fingers and straight into your face. Gah!

Skating on toy trucks and cars

For some reason, your toddler has a habit of leaving his toy dumper truck and train set right at the bottom of the stairs, so that as you’re walking down with an arm full of dirty washing, you step on it and go head over heels, collapsing in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.

Sitting on Barbie

Or Barbie’s tiny plastic shoe. Your toddler has gone down for the night, you’ve poured yourself a glass of wine and you’ve just collapsed onto the sofa. But hang on, what’s that sharp thing digging into your left buttock? It’s the entire plastic cast of Frozen

Ride-ons squashing your toes

There’s nothing cuter than seeing your pre-schooler whizzing around on his ride-on. That is, until he drives right over your foot.

Painful packaging

In reality, the hazards of toys start before your little one has even started playing with them. The sheer number of fiddly ties and the moulded plastic packaging which seems to have been fused permanently together can mean just getting them out for your baby to play with can take 15 minutes. You end up covered in papercuts and plastic ‘burns’ from yanking at it. And when you resort to hacking away at it with a pair of scissors, you know it can only end in tears…

Have you ever suffered any toy-related injuries? Let us know in the comment box below?


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