Mother and Baby
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Help your little one power through playtime with AQUA Carpatica Kids!

From epic conker hunts to hiding from mum in the soft play centre, our little ones are always on the move. 

Every day is an adventure and it's important to help them feel energised and hydrated throughout.

Introducing the answer to every mum's prayers - AQUA Carpatica Kids water - which is made specially with your toddler in mind. 

The range has specially designed, spill-proof sippy caps, made for easy use by even tiny hands. With eight playful designs to choose from, it’s a snack box essential!

What's more, AQUA Carpatica Kids is sourced from unspoilt land, set within the picturesque Carpathian mountain range, meaning mums can rest easy knowing their little one is really getting the best hydration around.

The clever formula is low in sodium and virtually nitrate free, it's mineral water as mineral water should be. Offering a smooth, award-winning taste, it’s the purest way to keep your tot happy and healthy.

The excellence of AQUA Carpatica Kids’ has not gone unnoticed, as the drink even won Silver Award in the ‘Best Baby/ Toddler Drink’ category at the National Parenting Product Awards 2018.

Race you to the checkouts! 

AQUA Carpatica Kids 250ml, and the full AQUA Carpatica range, is available now at Ocado, WHSmith and Whole Foods, 55p (RRP). 

Visit the website here for more information.