Mother and Baby

Are These The Most Controversial Parenting Decisions You Can Make?

Are these choices utter madness, totally irritating or very sensible? Only you can decide.
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Sharing your bed

Just remember that once it starts, it's going to be very hard to stop - and isn't sharing a bed with your partner bad enough?
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Bribing your kids

Whether it’s chocolate, sweets or a promise to watch Frozen for the hundredth time, sometimes it just has to be done.
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Letting your child go nappy-free

Elimination Communication relies on parents recognising when their child needs to go, which means they never wear nappies. Playdates could be very messy.
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Using a dummy

To dummy or not to dummy, that is the eternal question. It’s the most irritating device in the world for some but an absolute lifesaver for others.
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Secretly wanting to go back to work

Having a baby means long hours, an exhausting schedule and constant demands - it's no wonder that heading back to the office starts to look very appealing.
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Disciplining other people's kids

There's nothing that annoys a parent more than seeing another child causing trouble, but you will not be popular for dealing with it yourself, trust us.
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Documenting their life online

Yes, they are incredibly cute and yes, they look funny in the bath but there's a limit to how much we want to see on our Facebook feed. A little social media break might be good for everyone
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Hearing about potty-training progress or that strange rash they have developed isn't fun for everyone, remember that.
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Letting them eat fast food

That well-known fast-food joint is still the dinnertime choice for some, even if it leaves children screaming for more nuggets every time.
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Hiring a night nanny

The reason that some new mums look so fresh-faced? A night nanny, of course. Some think it's cheating, others think it's a nice little treat.
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Sending babies to school

It's a growing trend, but some parents are sending their little ones into lessons at only 12 months old! We hope they get time to play...
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