Mother and Baby

Are these the most controversial parenting decisions you can make?

From not being able to move on from sharing the bed with your little one to secretly wanting to go back to work, you're bound to be questioning the choices you've been making as a parent at some point.

But how do parents know that the decisions they make, day in day out, are utter madness or completely sensible? And is there a right and wrong to parenting?

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1) Sharing your bed

Just remember that once it starts, it's going to be very hard to stop - and isn't sharing a bed with your partner bad enough?
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2) Bribing your kids

Whether it’s chocolate, sweets or a promise to watch Frozen for the hundredth time, sometimes it just has to be done.
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3) Letting your child go nappy-free

Elimination Communication relies on parents recognising when their child needs to go, which means they never wear nappies. Playdates could be very messy.
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4) Using a dummy

To dummy or not to dummy, that is the eternal question. It’s the most irritating device in the world for some but an absolute lifesaver for others.
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5) Secretly wanting to go back to work

Having a baby means long hours, an exhausting schedule and constant demands - it's no wonder that heading back to the office starts to look very appealing.
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6) Disciplining other people's kids

There's nothing that annoys a parent more than seeing another child causing trouble, but you will not be popular for dealing with it yourself, trust us.
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7) Documenting their life online

Yes, they are incredibly cute and yes, they look funny in the bath but there's a limit to how much we want to see on our Facebook feed. A little social media break might be good for everyone
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8) Oversharing

Hearing about potty-training progress or that strange rash they have developed isn't fun for everyone, remember that.
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9) Letting them eat fast food

That well-known fast-food joint is still the dinnertime choice for some, even if it leaves children screaming for more nuggets every time.
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10) Hiring a night nanny

The reason that some new mums look so fresh-faced? A night nanny, of course. Some think it's cheating, others think it's a nice little treat.
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11) Sending babies to school

It's a growing trend, but some parents are sending their little ones into lessons at only 12 months old! We hope they get time to play...

Have you made any other decisions that you think are slightly controversial? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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