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Does Your Partner Spoil Your Baby With Presents?

Dads are guilty of splashing out more on gifts for their children than mums, according to a new poll. Do you agree?

He may go walkabout when a potty training accident needs clearing up – but your partner’s more than happy to step up when it comes to buying gifts for your child.

A survey of 1,000 parents and 1,000 grandparents by toy brand Little Tikes found nearly 19% of dads would happily spend over £100 on average for each present for their child, while nearly 48% would splash out £250 on a single gift.

In comparison, just 10% of mums would spend the £100 and 33% the £250.

Meanwhile grandparents are also digging deep, with 72% admitting they often buy presents for their grandkids for no particular reason. Sound familiar?

The main occasions we buy our little ones gifts are of course birthdays and Christmas

The main occasions we buy our little ones gifts are of course birthdays and Christmas (speaking of which, have you seen our ah-mazing festive gift guides for toddlers, newborns and babies?), but the parents in the survey also revealed they treated their children at other times, including when they’d behaved well and after a trip to the doctor for injections.

But while we all love presents – you should see our Christmas wish list – don’t stress about spending too much. Especially as we’re clearly feeling the pinch. This research comes at the same time as a new survey suggesting we spend £100 less a month on our children than we did last year. And that may be no bad thing.
‘Often your little ones just want to spend time having fun with you,’ says Little Tikes play expert Dr. Maggie Redshaw.

‘So while I’m sure they appreciate gifts, a day in the park with their favourite toy and you can be just as rewarding, especially in their most formative early years.’

Does your partner splash out on your child more than you? Let us know below.

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