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Halloween Craft Ideas Perfect For Toddlers

Halloween isn’t just about dressing up – there’s lots of potential for some brilliant crafting, too. And you won’t need to spend much. So grab the glue, some pens and some pumpkins and get making spiders, ghosts, skeletons and lots more ghoulish friends with your toddler…


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Spider hand print

All it takes to make this creepy crawly friend is a sheet of paper, some black paint and a pair of stick-on googly eyes. Your little one will love splatting his hands into the paint. Just be sure to stay close, so the hand prints only go on the paper and not on the floors or walls! [Pinterest via]
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Monster mobile

Your child can craft himself his very own scary mobile with the help of some toilet roll tubes, paint and pipe cleaners. He can have a go at painting the cardboard while you make holes for the pipe cleaners to slot through. [Pinterest via]
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Wooly ghosts

OK, so this one may get a little messy (cotton wool and glue don’t make for the cleanest crafting) but it’s a really simple art idea to get in the Halloween spirit. [Pinterest via]
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Spider web

Save up some lolly sticks to fashion this spider web with your toddler. Task him with pulling apart balls of cotton wool, which he can then glue to the sticks to make the web. [Pinterest via]
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Witch’s cat

While you’ll need to do the scissor work for this one, your tot can paint the paper plate and then together you can put together the cat. [Pinterest via pinner]
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Pumpkin plate

Simple and effective, this paper plate pumpkin is a fun activity to make together and will definitely brighten up the fridge door. [Pinterest via]
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Leaf ghosts

Put on your coats and go and collect some crispy leaves together before transforming them into ghosts with a lick of white paint. [Pinterest via]
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Thumbprint pumpkin patch

Your little one will have lots of fun making this thumbprint pumpkin patch. You may need some wet wipes on hand because this is bound to get messy! [Pinterest via]
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Cotton bud skeleton

Keep an eye on your toddler while he’s making this friendly skeleton as cotton buds can be unsafe, but it’s a really easy Halloween activity to make. [Pinterest via]
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Mummy pumpkin

Rather than going down the carving route, you could just arm your toddler with some bandages to create this mummified pumpkin. [Pinterest via]
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Spider web plates

Your toddler can paint some paper plates with black paint and then help you to wrap wool around them, to make these spider web plates. And the bonus? It will provide hours of fun for your little one once the webs are finished. [Pinterest via]
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Hanging ghouls and ghosts

This art idea is a little fiddly (painting polystyrene balls isn’t the easiest task) but looks effective and is simple to make. Plus, they’ll look great hanging in the doorway or in front of the window for trick and treaters to admire. [Pinterest via]

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