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How To Boost Your Toddler’s Diet

Get your toddler’s day off to a great start by making sure he’s getting all the nutrients he needs for healthy development

Your toddler’s got through the main stages of weaning and is now happily exploring new flavours, enjoying family mealtimes and learning a lot of creative ways to make as much mess as possible with the smallest dish.

It’s a great time to make sure your tot learns to love foods that are great for him, becomes an adventurous eater and get all the important nutrients and calories he needs.

But knowing that your toddler’s getting enough of the good stuff can sometimes be tricky. Even if the fish pie has ended up being eaten rather than on the floor today, how do you if you’ve ticked all those nutritional boxes?

Whether foods are fresh and in season or are on your toddler’s ‘will-eat’ list, all influence just which vitamins and minerals your baby consumes – and how much he gets.

At the toddler stage, your little one will really benefit from:

  • Iron – to support brain development
  • Vitamins A, C plus D* – for bone development
  • Essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6

New Aptamil with Pronutra+ Growing Up milk contains these essential nutrients - just two 150ml beakers a day may help your toddler meet his nutrient quota. Made with a unique blend of ingredients, it’s tailored to support your toddler’s development.

* From the age of six months to five years, the Department of Health recommends that all children take a daily supplement of vitamins A, C and D, unless you are using 500ml of fortified formula milk a day.

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