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Instagram Shuts Down Toddler's Popular Account

The social media site closes down the account of Roxy Jacenko’s daughter Pixie, two, because it ‘violates age requirements’

It might feel like the most natural thing in the world to document your baby’s every move as soon as he or she is born. After all, it’s possibly what our mothers did with us. And thanks to modern technology like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s also easier than ever to share their every move with your friends and immediate social network.

But when is sharing too much? And when is posting photos of your baby from their own account a step too far? Perhaps when you’re two years old and your account has a following of almost 18,000.

That is the case with Australian PR queen Roxy Jacenko, whose two-year-old daughter Pixie's account (@pixiecurtis) was shut down without warning because she does not meet the age requirement of the photo-sharing app.  The message from Instagram stated that the account didn’t meet the site’s minimum age requirement of 13 and that is why it was shut down without warning.

Pixie’s mother, Roxy, has described the move as ‘ludicrous’ given that she – a 33-year-old woman – is running the account, not a toddler. She has since written to Instagram to demand that they reactivate it and in the meantime has already set up a new account with a different username - @pixierosecurtis – an account that is quickly regaining the lost following and which currently sits at nearly 8,000.

What do you think of Instagram’s decision to delete Pixie’s account? Do you think mums should be allowed to post photos and set up profiles for their babies and toddlers? Do you have an account of your own for your child? Let us know in the comments box below.

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