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Keep Or Delete: Should Instagram Really Censor Pictures Like This?

When popular Instagram mum Courtney Adamo posted a photo of her 18-month-old daughter holding up her dress, she didn’t expect to have it taken down by the site. And she definitely didn’t expect to have her account shut down, deleting all of her 1,700 pictures.

But the social networking site branded the photograph, which shows her daughter Marlow standing semi-naked in her pants, as ‘inappropriate’ and said it ‘violated community guidelines.’

Courtney’s response? After checking the Instagram guidelines carefully to check that she hadn’t broken any rules of conduct, she called the site ‘ridiculous’.

‘They obviously see it as child porn but I thought it was such a sweet photo of my baby girl and her gorgeous, round belly and outie belly button'

‘I've been in touch with a few other mums who told me the rules state any children of walking age can't be shirtless in pictures on the site,’ she says.

‘My daughter is so young and you see adverts with children in just their nappies all the time and no one says that is inappropriate or sexual but Instagram does, it's crazy.

‘They obviously see it as child porn but I thought it was such a sweet photo of my baby girl and her gorgeous, round belly and outie belly button.

‘And I love that her pride is so evident in the photo, such a sweet and innocent shot of a successful day of potty-training.’
Courtney, who’s a US-born London blogger, uses the app to share photos of her children with family back in the States and was upset by the loss of all of her pictures.

‘Instagram has deleted four years of my family photos and memories,’ says Courtney. 'All the photos of our travels, my children’s birthdays… All of it gone. I am sick just thinking about it.’

A photo of Courtney and Marlow, from her Instagram account

The mum-of-four also took to her blog to defend the image, writing ‘She is a baby! ‘It is no different than a photo of a baby wearing a nappy, or a little boy in swimming trunks, and to entertain the idea that it is even remotely inappropriate is a disgusting thing in itself.'

Courtney’s account has now been restored after some of her 40,000 followers posted photos similar to the snap of Marlow. But the ‘inappropriate’ photo hasn’t been reinstated.

Instagram has since admitted that it made a mistake with this particular photograph, with a spokesperson saying, ‘We try hard to find a good balance between allowing people to express themselves creatively and having policies in place to protect young children. This is one reason why our guidelines put limitation on nudity, but we recognise that we don’t always get it right.

‘In this case, we made a mistake and have restored the account.’

Do you think social networking sites such as Instagram should monitor photographs of young children or should it be up to you as a to the parent what you post? Let us know what you think in the comments box below.


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