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#MessyCakeFace: Share Your Photos Of Your Baby Or Toddler Enjoying Birthday Cake

There is nothing cuter than seeing your little one smeared in crumbs, chocolate and icing after he’s launched himself – usually head first – into a slice of birthday cake. We’ve used a bit of artistic license and imagined what these babies are thinking in these pictures. Share your photos with us using the hashtag #MessyCakeFace to join our gallery
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‘Yeah, definitely better than carrot puree…’

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‘I. Am. A. Cake. Winner!’

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‘Mum! Look! Look at me!’ Don’t I look great?’

Facebook: Anne Folland-Green
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‘If I stuff it in really quickly, maybe I’ll get some more…’

Facebook: Jaclyn Oliver
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‘So I’m covered in chocolate? So what.’

Facebook: Jennifer Ann Murray
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‘What profiteroles? I swear the plate came like this!’

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‘You think my face is messy? You wait ‘til you see my nappy.’

Facebook: Charlotte Brazier
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‘This frosting is waaaay better for finger painting…’

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‘I am the queen of eating cake. Simple.’

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‘I am so delicate when I eat my cake, aren’t I?’

Facebook: Rebecca Hall
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'Don't you know cake is the new hair wax?'

Facebook: Gemma Winter

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