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Mum Warns Against Trampoline Use After Her Toddler Breaks 'Strongest Bone In His Body'

mum warns against trampoline use

Taking your child to a trampoline park sounds like a fun day out in theory, but for one mum it ended in disaster when her toddler was left in full leg casts after breaking his femur.

Kait Ellen, from Florida, took her three-year-old son, Colton to a special Toddler Time session at her local trampoline park where after bouncing alongside her and his father he fell and broke the 'strongest bone in his body'. Colton was bouncing on a separate square to his mum and dad at the time of the accident.

Understandably devastated, Kait took to Facebook to share the warning with other parents. She was told by Colton’s paediatrician that according to the America Academy of Paediatrics and the America Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons "children under the age of 6 should never use a trampoline." 

According to them, their bones aren't strong enough to withstand repetitive pressure from jumping, which came as a huge shock to Colton’s parents. 

With similar toddler sessions at various trampoline parks around the UK (including Jump Nation, Altitude Park, Velocity, Sky Zone, Oxygen Free Jumping and Boing Zones), thousands of parents shared the social media post and thanked Kait for her warning. 

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents states that "trampolining isn't suitable for children under the age of six because they're not sufficiently physically developed to control their bouncing." while warns "under six-year-olds are particularly vulnerable too, and should only use trampolines that are specially designed for their age range."

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