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The top nursery trend for 2018 has been revealed and it's exactly what we expected

Whether you love it, loathe it, or are simply not fussed if you spend your Saturday afternoons in Homebase, choosing between a 'Duck Egg' and 'Willow Tree' hue - decorating your little one's bedroom can be a tricky business. 

However, following the launch of their new Family Collection, Airbnb has teamed up with Houzz to reveal the top nursery trends for the year ahead and their findings are very interesting.

The most popular colour for parents to decorate their toddler's nursery is.... *KLAXON SOUND* white!

Yep, 49% of parents this year have opted for the most understated hue when decorating their children's room. The neutral tones provide a canvas for inspirational or educational decor - i.e. the cute hanging frame your mum insisted on buying.

It's no surprise of course, that pretty pinks and baby blues are being swapped for gender-neutral, low-key hues. Think greys, soft greens and cool browns, for a bedroom that's bang-on-trend.

Another emerging trend for 2018 is themed children's bedrooms. The research found that close to two thirds of parents (61%) are embracing themed rooms for their children, with almost a quarter (23%) citing inspirational or educational décor as a key priority when it comes to designing their child’s room. 

Animal and nature-themed rooms are the most popular (30% and 23% respectively) aligning with Prince George’s safari-inspired bedroom. 

If it's good enough for Prince George, right? 

Need some nursery-inspo? You can see examples of beautiful nurseries on Airbnb below...


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