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Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Little Swimmer Safe This Summer

Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Little Swimmer Safe This Summer

Hurrah! The sun’s out and it’s time to head to the nearest beach, lido or even your back garden for some paddling pool action. But how safe are your kids around water?

A new study by baby swimming experts Water Babies,  revealed that 44% of parents fear that they wouldn’t be able to save their little one if they got in trouble. Considering 60 children drown every year, that’s a worrying statistic.

Next week is Drowning Prevention Week and to raise awareness, Water Babies have put together their top tips for swimming safety. Forget Baywatch, it’s all about Babywatch.

Keep your eyes open

It sounds obvious but whether it’s in the pool or at the beach, it’s important to always have an adult who can swim supervising. Try not to leave older children to look after the younger ones as they’re not equipped to deal with the responsibility if something does happen.

Stay in the know

Make sure the entire family know where the lifeguards are and how to call for help. If you’re abroad, having the local emergency service numbers saved on your phone would be a great precaution.

Floats won’t save lives

Floats and inflatables are great fun, but an inflatable crocodile isn’t a life-saving device. Parents need to stay alert when kids are using them.

Check out the conditions

Stay away from beaches without lifeguards, large waves and powerful undertows. Look out for changes in the situation and learn the symbols that indicate the current beach conditions.

Stay sober

It’s tempting to have a few drinks on your holiday but save it for after dark, when the kids are in bed. Booze and midday heat are not the best combination for staying alert.

Don’t forget to stay protected in the warm weather, check out our top beach essentials now.


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