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Peter Rabbit film produces forced to apologise over allergy scene

Peter Rabbit

The makers of the new Peter Rabbit film have been forced to apologise about an allergy theme after a petition was signed by thousands of parents.

A scene in the film shows a character who suffers a blackberry allergy being pelted with blackberries by a gang of bunnies. The human character, Tom McGregor, is attacked by Peter and his friends until he is forced to use an EpiPen to treat his allergic reaction.

Whilst thousands of people have condemned the scene for promoting food allergy bullying, the hashtag #boycottpeterrabbit was trending on Twitter.

Peter Rabbit

Charity Kids with Food Allergies joined the debate, posting a warning about the scene on social media, writing in a Facebook post: ‘It is unnecessary for a film to show the characters intentionally attacking another with his food allergen to trigger anaphylaxis.

‘Portraying anaphylaxis as a joke can cause some people to have a cavalier attitude about food allergies which can put kids with food allergies at risk.

‘We are asking filmmakers to work with us to raise awareness about the seriousness of food allergies, and help us promote positive attitudes and safe environments for kids with food allergies.’

In a joint statement, Sony Pictures and the filmmakers said they ‘should not have made light’ of the issue.

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