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Sweet cone ideas | How to make a sweet cone gift


Planning a party for your little one? Switch your party bags for sweet cones! We've put together some fun sweet cone ideas for your next celebration. 

These tasty and fun cones are great for any occassion, whether you're planning a birthday party, baby shower or christening, you can make a sweet cone perfect for any celebration! 

Sweet cones are a great alternative to party bags and not only are they super simple to make but they're super delicious too! 

How to make a sweet cone

You'll need to start by thinking about what sweets you want to include in your sweet cone. As the cone shaped bag is rather slim at the bottom, it's best to start with smaller sweets such as Rainbow Drops, Millions or Jelly Beans. 

Once 1/4 of the bag is filled with the smallest sweet, add some bigger sized treats such as mini marshmallows, Mini Eggs (perfect for Easter hunts), Malteasers, Smarties or Harribos. Now half your bag should be filled. 

You can continue to add some more medium-sized sweets now, maybe something like Jelly Babies, chocolate Buttons, Bon Bons or Fizzy Cola Bottles. 

Now you're nearing the top of the bag, this is where you add the bigger sweets such as big marshmallows or space ships. 

Now you've got the sweets, it's time to get started on building your sweet cones. Here's everything you'll need to get started. 

What you need to build your own sweet cones

To start building your own sweet cones, you'll need to start with some cellophone cones. They look a little like piping bags and come with ties to tighten the bag up once it's full. 

Add a personal touch to your sweet cones with a little message. If you're using the sweet cones in place of a party bag, you might want to add a 'thank you for coming to my party' message. 

Alternatively, you could add an even more personalised touch with names or mention of your special event. 

Make your sweet bags extra secure (and extra pretty) with some bright ribbon! 

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