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The stress-free guide to your baby’s first haircut

Baby's first haircut

Like many other parents, I love going to have my hair done each month. It’s that switch-off ‘me time’ that I look forward to, but for little ones who have never experienced the salon setting, it can be quite a worrying experience so it’s important to get that first cut right.

When should my baby have their first haircut?

There’s never really a ‘right time’ to go for the first trim, it really depends on you and your little one, how much hair they have, or what style you are aiming for long term. If like my little girl, your baby entered the world with thick, luscious locks, your baby could be ready for a haircut as early as 8 months old! For little ones with baldy-baby hair, the first haircut may not be needed until they are well into their toddler years.

How can I make my baby’s first haircut a good experience?

Preparation is key! While we may find going to the hairdresser a wonderful and relaxing experience, your little one won’t see it like that at all, so preparation is key.

Being in a strange room, with a stranger coming at them with a pair of scissors will only end in tears if there’s been no preparation, so start introducing the idea of what getting a haircut is all about before they go to the salon.

Let your little one see you have your hair cut. Look through some hairdressing story books together or play hairdressers (minus the scissors) at home. By introducing the concept - it’ll make the big day itself a little less daunting.

Senior stylist Steven Camsell from Francesco Group Weeping Cross, has had many good and bad experiences over the years and agrees that preparation really is key to a stress-free first haircut. Here Steven shares his top five tips for making your little ones haircut go beautifully.

  1. Do your research - Choose a good salon with an experienced stylist. Ask other parents who they use to get an idea of good children’s hairdressers in your area.
  2. Get the timing right - Time of day is very important for the first cut. If your child is over-tired or hungry, it’ll make the experience stressful for everyone involved. The best time is morning around 10am when your little one is at their best.
  3. Make it a positive experience - It’s important that your little one will want to return for a haircut, so make it a fun experience. Bring in their favourite toy or comforter so they feel reassured. Toddlers may want to bring in a favourite toy or book to show the stylist - this will encourage them to open up and get to know the person about to cut their hair. The first experience is all It’s about getting your child used to the use salon environment. Even if it’s just a small trim, it’s the experience that is important rather than the haircut in the beginning.
  4. Be realistic - If your child has a lot of energy and isn’t particularly good at sitting still for long, then a quirky baby celeb style isn’t going to happen. Instead opt for an easy to maintain style until they are older and better at sitting still for longer periods.
  5. Routine is key - It’s important to try to stick to the same stylist as it will help them to build trust and rapport. By going for regular haircuts with the same stylist, your little one will eventually love the visit to the hairdressers as much as you do!

Remember to be patient with your little one. A haircut is a necessity and although there may be a few tears to being with, by following these tips and making it all as fun an experience as possible, your little will want to return to the salon over and over again!

  • Author: Fi Star-Stone Fi Star-Stone
  • Job Title: Childcare expert

Fi’s qualifications include a Degree in Childhood and Youth studies, an NNEB diploma in Nursery nursing, and a Diploma in Childhood studies. She’s been working with children and families for 25 years.

Fi’s likes kitchen dancing, Moomins and cake. She also, recently joined the fire-service as an on-call firefighter. (True story!) 

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