Mother and Baby

The super blue blood moon could be the reason why your tot was EXTRA difficult to put to bed last night!

Blood moon

If you were feeling super, well, blue yesterday, it could actually be the moon that is to blame! In case you missed it, there was a lunar eclipse last night that meant the moon was closer than usual, and an amazing ‘blood’ colour giving it it’s super name.

Yet according to scientists, full moons can have a negative impact on your sleeping pattern, so if your tot refused to settle last night, or seemed extra grouchy, this could be why. explained: ‘The full moon has an impact on serotonin levels, a chemical in our bodies that regulates mood, among other things.’

Rest assured, if your little one was affected by the full moon last night, you’ve hopefully got a month off, as the next full moon isn’t till 1st March.

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