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Toddlers And Tea: New Research Shows Why The Two Really Don't Mix

Curious one year olds are 10 times as likely to get burns and scalds as older children, according to new study findings. And the main culprit? Hot drinks.

Your cup of tea may be your daily (OK, hourly) saviour as a mum. But new research highlights why we all need to be extra careful when it comes to were we put down that cuppa.

The team from the Cardiff University found that one year old babies suffered 10 times as many burns and scalds as older children, after reviewing cases at five emergency departments and four burns units.

Of the 1,215 children's cases examined, 72% were younger than five, with most being one year olds.

The study showed that the most common cause of scald or injury for under-fives was a hot drink, responsible for 35% of child burn cases.  

Lead researcher Professor Alison Mary Kemp, from Cardiff University, says, ‘The prevailing mechanism involved the toddler reaching for a mug or cup of tea and pulling it down over themselves. This is a clear priority for targeted prevention.'

So what can you do? Be aware of just how high your baby or toddler can reach, whether it's the coffee table or the table cloth she can pull on. It's also worth taking a second to think about just where your baby is before you go to pour from the kettle or drain a pan of veg, which could splash and burn your baby's skin.

Katrina Phillips from The Child Accident Prevention Trust adds, ‘Toddlers are into everything but don’t know that heat hurts.’

That means teaching toddlers about safety starts from the first time we say ‘no’ or 'hot' as they're  out towards a kettle or radiator.

How do you make your home as safer place for your little ones?  Let us know in the comment box below.


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