Mother and Baby

What's your baby’s star sign?

What's your baby’s star sign?

Astrologist Sharon Knight reveals how your baby's star sign affects her character...  

Capricorn 22 December–20 January

If anyone has ever leaned over your baby’s pram and said, ‘she’s an old soul’, then your child is very true to her star sign. Capricorn children are incredibly thoughtful and a lot goes in, even though you may not get much of a reaction. So don’t worry if she just stares at you when you smile at her – rest assured it’s all being absorbed. She’s interested in different tastes and textures, and this will make her easy to wean. 

Aquarius 21 January–19 February

You’ve got a smiler on your hands! An Aquarius child realises early on that a big smile will distract her parents and allow her to get her own way. She is clever and will chuckle and gurgle, while thinking ‘I’ve got you where I want you!’ She loves movement and colour so a mobile over her cot will be a big hit. Older children don’t like to sit still for long though, so potty training could be tricky. Teach her new things in short, sharp bursts. 

Pisces 20 February–20 March 

Pisces babies are gentle souls. They don’t like a lot of loud noise and need plenty of security and loads of hugs. Use a baby sling to carry her around so she feels protected. And choose smaller, calmer baby or toddler groups for her to attend. Don’t worry that she clings to your leg – she won’t forever! If you are expecting another baby, take extra time to help your Piscean toddler adjust. A new sibling could make her feel insecure so you’ll need to help her understand that a new baby won’t mean she is loved any less.

Aries 21 March–20 April

Aries children are fiery, excitable and need lots of stimulation and love. With such inquisitive minds, they can get quickly frustrated. Rather than getting her to focus on one thing for 10 minutes, give her several things to keep her attention. Keep her wardrobe simple: she needs to feel free, so dress her in simple cotton or jersey.

Taurus 21 April–21 May

Taurean children love things that are nice to hold, so tactile textures such as velvet will make them happy. Give your warm and loving Taurean child lots of cuddles as she needs plenty of touch. Her nature is placid, unless you rush her. She’ll find life a lot easier if you give simple commands and deal with her clearly. 

Gemini 22 May–21 June

Gemini children are the most inquisitive and curious of all the star signs and will wander off in search of novelty. She is the child who will chase the butterfly! Gemini children need a lot of mental stimulation, so join a local library for a never-ending supply of books, and sign up for a music or movement class to help satisfy her artistic requirements in these fields. And encourage her to think things through. She thrives on learning so always give her options, telling her, ‘If you do this, then that will happen,’ and then let her decide for herself which is best to do. 

Cancer 22 June–23 July 

The most family-focused of the star signs, a Cancerian baby will enjoy being swaddled as she needs to feel secure. She’s caring and will be aware of duty to family from a young age, which means she’s a brilliant older sibling. She loves to be useful too, so she’ll thrive on being given little jobs, like being in charge of ‘tidy time’. Any big change to her routine, such as weaning, can make her feel insecure, so take it slowly and give her lots of reassurance and encouragement. 

Leo 24 July–23 August

Leo children respond incredibly well to rewards. A gold star will make your little Leo very happy! She needs to feel important, and in charge, so rather than telling her what to do make her feel that it’s her idea. She needs lots of physical reassurance, so pile on the hugs. And  – you probably already know this – she can be incredibly stubborn. She’ll roar if she doesn’t get her own way, but stick to your guns! She’s also possession-led so spend plenty of time teaching her how to share. 

Virgo 24 August–23 September

Virgo babies absolutely love routine. And while this is great when she’s a baby, encourage her to be a little more flexible as she gets older otherwise it could lead to problems if things don’t run like clockwork. Of all the star signs, Virgoans are the easiest to potty train, as they’re fastidious and won’t like a dirty nappy. This orderly nature means she’s also likely to be tidy and prefer her surroundings clutter-free. She loves pretending so entertain her with lots of role-play games as she grows into a toddler: a play doctor’s kit would be top of her wish list! 

Libra 24 September–23 October

Air signs can find it hard to sleep so exhaust her, physically and mentally, in the daytime. She’s very visual and loves pretty colours and sparkly things. She’s likely to be sociable and happy to go to busy playgroups. Normally placid, it’s usual for her to bounce quickly between upset and happy. 

Scorpio 24 October–22 November

This little one is cautious, so always be encouraging. She’s a deep thinker and will have two modes of expression: crying and temper tantrums, or withdrawn and quiet. She needs security and will be distrustful of strangers. She’ll also need you to help her to learn how to share. 

Sagittarius 23 November–21 December

Sagittarians love lots of movement and being outdoors from a very young age, so take her out in the pram and, once she’s toddling about, let her run around outside as much as you can. She is incredibly visual and adores bright colours and watching what’s going on. As long as you’ve worn her out physically and mentally, she’ll be a good sleeper. Of all the star signs, Sagittarians are among the most sociable and love other people. She’ll enjoy going to playgroup, and handle this stimulation from an early age.