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Your Marital Status Doesn’t Affect Your Child’s Happiness

A major UK study has found that there seems to be no significant difference in the 'happiness factor' between children living with a single parent, step-parent or both biological parents

Children living with a step-parent or a single parent are just as happy as kids living with two biological parents, it was revealed at the British Sociological Association’s annual conference.
Researchers from NatCen Social analysed data gathered in 2008 from 12,877 seven-year-old children and looked at how each child rated their happiness. Of those polled, 64 per cent of children said they were happy ‘sometimes or never’ and 36 per cent said they were ‘happy all the time’.
And when the researchers looked solely at the effects of family type, they found no big differences.
NatCen’s senior researcher, Jenny Chanfreau, said that instead - it is relationships with parents and other kids that affected how happy the polled seven-year-olds were.  
‘We found that the family type had no significant effect on the happiness of the seven-year-olds or the 11-15 year olds we polled,’ said Jenny. ‘It's the quality of the relationships in the home that matters – not the family composition. Getting on well with siblings, having fun with the family at weekends, and having a parent who reported rarely or never shouted when the child was naughty, were all linked with a higher likelihood of being happy all the time among seven-year olds.’
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