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Mum uses Amazon Alexa to help potty train her son (and it's honestly genius!)

Potty training isn't easy and any parent can understand that it's a challenging and messy process.

There's bound to be accidents and a tantrum or two (not just from your toddler), but when one mum shared her potty training tip online, you can see why other mums loved it - and it involves an Alexa. 

Mum, Leanne Page, revealed that she uses her Amazon Alexa to remind her son to use the potty, and he absolutely loves it. 

Sharing her trick to the Motherload Facebook group, she said: "I don't know if everyone has already thought of this and I'm a bit behind but thought I'd share. 

"I have an echo dot (Alexa) in my kitchen. I ask her to set a reminder for every 40 minutes for my son to sit on the potty".

She added, "it has been so successful and really helped his potty training!"

She described potty training as being a "nightmare" but she is now "feeling happy" at her son's progress, especially with him starting school in September.

Leanne also said that she rewards her son for using his potty with a sticker, sharing a picture of his potty covered in them. 

She added: "We reward him with a sticker and I think the photo speaks for itself."

Her clever trick has gained a lot of attention on Facebook, with mums vowing to try it for themselves.

One said: "Worth having the Alexa just for that!"

While another mum wrote: "That is genius - our little boy would love that and much more likely to do it being told by Alexa than us I'm sure! Thanks for sharing."

Not got an Alexa? No problem! 


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