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The best potty training charts to help motivate your little one

The best potty training charts

Is your toddler getting ready to toilet train? One of the most widely recognised approaches to help encourage your child on this journey is a reward chart. 

Now, we know it's pretty easy to get a big piece of cardboard, write your child's name on it, cover it with glitter and paint, and let them stick stickers all over it when they do a poo or wee. We'd encourage this as a fun craft activity for a rainy afternoon - let your little one take charge and decorate the chart however they wish. You can then keep the chart next to the potty or toilet, with stickers on hand to say 'Well done!' when anything hits the pan. 

However, if, like us, you don't necessarily feel the arty type, or want to get the crayons out for the seventeenth time today, there are loads of potty training charts you can order online. 

Wipe clean and reuseable, they'll last longer than the tatty version we'd knock up with a bit of cardboard. You can even push the boat out and get one with magnets and personalised stickers if you want to. 

For more potty training advice, check out our informative hub for everything you need to know about this next step - trust us, we know how challenging this stage can be, and we're here to help. 

Perfect for dinosaur-obsessed little ones, this dino chart comes with 125 star stickers to reward sitting on the potty, wee, poo, and washing hands. It’s glossy so you can peel off the stickers and start again. Personalise it with your child’s name to make it extra special – and you can choose 180 extra stickers for £1.79 more.

Let Bing encourage your toddler to potty train with motivational stickers that say ‘Big hug’, ‘let’s do it again’, and other cute phrases. There are lots of opportunities to get stickers, breaking down potty training into parts including ‘I flushed the toilet’, ‘I asked to use the potty’, and ‘I stayed dry all night’. Comes with 56 reusable stickers.

This is a digital download, so you’ll be send the PDF when you buy and then print it off at home. You’ll get a chart plus some punch cards, which can be used when you’re out and about and still want to keep track of potty times.

More than just a chart, this a whole set designed to help your little one potty train, and give you confidence to help them too. There’s a DVD included with animated characters, a chart with stickers, a book to accompany the DVD, and a special box in which you can keep treats that your little one can be rewarded with after toilet time. It’s all been developed by ITV's Toilet Training Expert and Author Amanda Jenner – who created the My Carry Potty.


Unicorns make everything more exciting, don’t they – and potty training is no exception. This set includes a potty training chart, and a toilet training chart for when your little one progresses. Comes with 270 star stickers.

Perfect for cheeky monkeys, this chart comes with stickers and medals for ultimate rewards. The stickers are a great size for little hands, as we know some children struggle with those smaller stickers.  

Not just a chart, but a whole book to fill with stickers while your little one follow’s Pirate Pete’s potty adventures. Features 16 pages and more than 70 stickers.

An alternative to stickers, this chart is made from aluminium and the charms stick on with Velcro, making it ever-lasting and more eco-friendly than others. You can personalise it with your child’s name, and choose the background colour. We love the poo shapes!

Personalise this special potty training chart and use the magnets provided instead of loads of stickers that you’ll find stuck to your jacket when you get to work. There are three charts in the set – two for potty training, and one for general rewards.  

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