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Finally! Sainsbury's launches own brand baby food range

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We adore Sainsbury's Little Ones range and our basket is always weighed down by their Free From ice cream tubs (which, FYI, taste like actual heaven). 

Now, the supermarket giant have raised the bar even higher by introducing their own brand of baby food, which involves a very fancy chicken katsu curry and lentil and chickpea dahl. Miles away from the fish and chips supper we grew up on, eh.

The full range provides a variety of taste and texture experiences for babies and little ones to meet their needs as they grow and develop. For the youngest diners, Babies from six months can try flavour-building pouches such as Fish Pie or Beef Potato and Leek Casserole and those seven months plus can enjoy a Lentil and Chickpea Dahl.

Sainsbury's is keen to support parents and help make the weaning process as simple and enjoyable as possible.

The Little Ones range has been developed with registered nutritionist Fiona Wilcock, in a bid to introduce tots to savoury food from the outset of weaning and cater to the very-developing palate of today’s babies and toddlers. The range also follows a ‘vegetables first’ approach, and vegetables are in the majority of the products; from 7 months onwards, all savoury meals have at least one portion of vegetable.

Most 'vegetable' pouches marketed at babys and toddlers are mixed with a fruit puree, meaning they aren't tasting vegetables at their purest form and are developing a taste for sweet foods. In the new range, a selection of organic single flavour vegetable pouches such as Parsnip, Sweet Potato and Carrot are available, helping them grow to enjoy the nutritious food. 





Sounds good to us!

The Little Ones range has 50 new dishes for children 6 months to 3+ and is available to buy in store and online now.

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