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The trainers all the stylish Instagram kids are wearing

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Fashion may be somewhat exhausting to navigate as an adult (basically: yes to straw bags, a firm no to noughties chain belts), yet to add to the headache, there is a strong surge of coolness brewing from the under-fives of Instagram. 

Yep, it's becoming increasingly normal for four-year-olds to be better dressed than their mums. Which actually makes sense, because most of the time we wear something which includes an unsightly vomit stain.

Don't even get us started on North West's birthday #ootd which has catapulted her into numerous best-dressed lists. SHE IS ONLY FIVE.

However, if you're keen for your little one to join the fashion stakes then you'll be dying to know which stylish sneaker is doing the rounds on Instagram. 

Introducing Josefinas’ faux fur sneakers, which have been worn by mini fashionists Taylen Calad, Zooey Miyoshi, Ash Sikandar and Coco Rocha’s daughter, Ioni James Conran. 

Footwear brand Josefinas aims to inspire and empower women through flat shoes. And now the Portuguese shoe brand pledges to do the same for little girls. The Louise kicks for kids retail at $195 and are available in white and pink leather with six different faux fur application options. You can even buy a matching pair, so you can twin with your little one! 




It’s unanimous: Instagram kids can’t get their hands – or feet – off Josefinas’ fuzzy sneaker.

Check them out, here.

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