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10 Genius Colour Sorting Activities For Toddlers

Knowing the difference between red, yellow and blue may seem like simple stuff to us, but it’s a lot harder for your toddler to wrap her head around. Make this development step easier – and more fun – for her by trying out some of these simple colour sorting games and activities together. She’ll be reeling off the colours of the rainbow in no time. 
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Rainbow snacks

Colour-based learning doesn’t just have to happen during playtime – you can bring it to the dinner table by chopping up fruits and vegetables for your little one to sort into their colour groups. And it's a brilliant way to get your little one eating healthily... [Pinterest]
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Twister colour match

Got a Twister game lurking around? Get it out and set your tot the task of finding items around the house that match the colours of the circles on the mat. [Pinterest]
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Rainbow Lego

This two-in-one activity will keep your tot busy for a while – but your artistic skills will be needed to start with. Draw out a rainbow template in coloured pens for your toddler to follow with Duplo blocks. [Pinterest]
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Pin the nose on Rudolph

Perfect at Christmas, name a colour for your tot to stick onto Rudolph’s nose. [Pinterest]
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Jelly bean sorting

Whether you use Smarties, jelly beans or Skittles, sweet treats will go a long way in tempting your tot to take part in a colour sorting activity. [Pinterest]
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Baking tray sorting

Throw some features, pom-pom balls, pipe cleaners and whatever else you find in the art cupboard into a big container and let your child sort them into their colour groups in a baking tray. [Pinterest]
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Bottle lid box

OK, so this one takes a little bit of preparation as you’ll need to collect lots of coloured bottle caps first, but once you’re ready to go it’s a great way to help your little one learn about the spelling of colours as well as the colour itself. And if you don’t have bottle caps handy, use buttons instead. [Pinterest]
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Sorting box

This activity is a brilliant way to boost your tot’s fine motor skills as well as her learning, Encourage her to post the different coloured discs into the right holes in the box. [Pinterest]
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Bean bag colour match

This fun game is perfect for the whole family to take part in. Cut out some coloured circles, place them on the floor and see who can toss the right coloured bean bag on to it's matching circle. [Pinterest]
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Tissue trays

This doubles up as an art project and a learning activity. But be warned – you may be faced with a fair amount of mess after... but it's all part of the fun. [Pinterest]

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