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10 Signs Your Toddler’s Social Life Is Better Than Yours

She’s only small, but your toddler’s already got the whole social butterfly thing down.

And you thought playing taxi driver was one for the teens. Any of these sound familiar?

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1. You plan around playdates

OK, so you’re hosting Saturday morning before you head to little Jimmy-down-the-road’s that afternoon. Phew. You would have wine time in the evening, but you need a clear head for Sunday‘s schedule.
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2. Your phone’s been swamped

Melissa’s mum. Sam’s mum. Charlie’s dad. Gone are the days of taxis and beauty salons dominating your most-called numbers.
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3. She has her own diary

Well, column on your kitchen wall calendar. And it has more entries than your, your partner’s and the dog’s put together.
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4. You introduce yourself differently

See number two – you’re that contact in someone else’s phone book. In fact, forget your first name. These days, you formally introduce yourself as ‘Maddie/Rebecca/Sarah’s mum’.
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5. She influences the laundry

If she wears her glittery tights to dance class today, you’ll need to wash them again before so-and-so’s party on Thursday. The fast wash setting is your new BFF.
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6. You get The (Party) Fear

Should you invite the whole nursery? Are they too young for a bouncy castle? Will the parents expect snacks, too? You haven’t worried so much about a birthday party since your 21st.
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7. Hello, taxi driver

You’ve heard that Ellie Goulding song on the car radio three times today – and it’s only midday.
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8. A new soft play centre has opened…

And you’ve never been so excited. *Texts all friends to arrange a visit*
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9. Your toddler’s CV is awesome

The skills and interests section boasts swimming, singing, baking… Hired!
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10. You start cancelling your own engagements…

If they’re not toddler friendly – you’d rather not visit your friend if you end up spending the whole time in her garden looking for worms.
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