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9 Inexplicable Reasons Your Toddler’s Crying

From breakfast meltdowns to bed sheet diva moments, welcome to the slightly less predictable things that set your child off

Your toddler might not be able to quite explain what he wants right now, but that doesn't mean he isn't certain of what he likes – and what he doesn't. And don't worry, he'll let you know when you get it wrong. Cue howls.
Forget because he's hungry or he hasn't napped – we're talking about those other times. Those ones you just can’t bank on until they happen. The instances that give you a whole new insight into your wonderful but slightly unpredictable, irrational child.
Good for keeping you on your toes, right? Introducing our favourites.

1. Because you cut up his toast into triangles

And he wanted soldiers instead. No matter how much you try and cut a military hat into that slice of granary, there’s no undoing his loss.

2. Because he can’t hold onto your hair

‘Darling, I’m driving right now’ means zilch to your toddler. 

3. Because you put his shoes on

And he wanted to put them on himself. Now you’ve taken them off so he can do it – but it’s just too late.

4. Because you’ve changed his sheets

Thomas The Tank Engine needed a wash, but he loves Thomas, and he doesn’t like the trucks staring back at him.

5. Because his jumper wasn't the exact replica of Mr Tumble's

Your toddler loves Mr Tumble and everything about him, from his warm and friendly manner to his shiny blue star waistcoat.
So, that blue-green jumper with a handful of stars on that you bought him just is not good enough, OK?

6. Because you made his favourite fish pie

Yes, it may’ve taken you two hours and yes, it was his favourite meal up until This. Very. Moment.
And he’s not very happy that you, as his mum, could not predict this.

7. Because you stopped him squashing himself into the tumble dryer

The clothes always come out of there absolutely fine, so why shouldn’t he? It’s just simple logic, really.

8. Because the cat won’t eat his dinner

Your toddler is friend to all creatures great and small, so he cares when your cat isn’t keen to eat the food given to him.
And boy, is he going to make it known.

9. Because Cheerios have holes in them

And that means he’s getting less than his sister, who has Weetabix. Talk about favouritism.
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