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9 Signs Your Toddler's Actually In Charge

She might be the smallest person in the family – but that doesn’t stop your toddler ruling the roost. Welcome to the signs that your tot may actually in charge...
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1. She’s your alarm clock

Forget the radio. Your wake-up call is a Wuthering Heights-esque ‘Mummmmmyyyyy!’ floating from your toddler’s bedroom – or the door creaking as she comes into yours.
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2. You haven’t watched This Morning for months

TV first thing is all about CBeebies. You never thought you’d actually miss Eamonn and Ruth’s cheeky (slight awks) husband and wife banter.
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3. Hello, (toddler) social life

Your week is planned around exercise classes and catch-ups with friends. No, not yours, silly! It’s Tumble Tots and select members of the nursery’s Acorn class.
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4. She has a uniform

You’ve stocked her wardrobe with gorgeous offerings from Gap and Petit Bateau, but that Tinkerbell costume is her outfit of choice. All day. Every day.
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5. Listen to the radio…

Well, maybe when you’ve dropped her off at that birthday party. If she’s in the car, it’s a Mr Tumble CD over and over – and over.
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6. Limited film choice

Ah, Saturday movie afternoon. But while Midnight in Paris may’ve been sitting unwatched on your Sky Plus planner for months, your toddler can play the ‘littlest’ card every time. Time for Frozen again.
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7. The only yoghurt you eat is…

Petit Filou. Not even a Muller Corner or one of those fancy mini chocolate trifles. If she’s on the fromage frais, it only makes sense to follow suit and have one yourself.
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8. You go organic

With toiletries. They also tend to be baby or toddler specific – using your child’s products saves space around the bath and, to be fair, your hair has never smelt better.
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9. Plasters have cartoons

Cut your finger chopping those carrot sticks for her? No longer are plasters beige and aesthetically displeasing. Peppa, Pooh or Tree Fu Tom make the pain go away much better.
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