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9 Things It’s Really OK To Deny Your Child

Not. Right. Now. Yep, three words you definitely overuse with your toddler. After all, who’s the boss here?

Your diary may have more playdates than date nights, and your toddler’s film choice may always win on a Sunday afternoon, but dammit you’re still the parent around here. And yes, you are in charge. Kind of.

And – even though ‘No’ may be your toddler’s favourite word – there are still times it’s totally OK to say it to him too.

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1. A Kinder Egg every time you go to the corner shop

Ooh, it’s those tills with all the sweets and chocolate around them that makes it so tempting. The perfect time to bring out a toy or alternative snack pot. Yes, it’s only breadsticks… but I’ve got houmous!
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2. Dominating the car stereo

It’s important your toddler learns not everyone will be happy with him playing that Baa Baa Black Sheep/Mr Tumble/Frozen CD every single journey. Time for mummy’s music.
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3. Another episode of Peppa Pig

All that porcine bratty-ness is just too much for a Tuesday afternoon.
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4. The use of your nail varnish

Yes, you’re all for helping him express himself but it’s Chanel, people. *Quickly switches for that ones you got free from a magazine*.
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5. Access to your work computer

Nobody wants a exbfebfrrcxbhrx314xt5-filled email going to your boss at 2pm on a Sunday.
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6. A third bedtime story

Two's enough when you’ve been up since 6am.
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7. Dressing up in mum's clothes

Or at least keep the dry clean only pieces at the back of your wardrobe. And come to think of it, that jumper of your partner’s that you’ve been trying to get rid of for ages could be perfect for garden play time.
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8. A puppy/kitten/hamster

You remember how this went when you were little – you cuddled it, your dad cleaned it out. This time round? You’ll wait until your toddler’s old enough to pick up a bag of sawdust.
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9. A living room fort – right now

Usually you’d be all over a cushion moat, but grandma’s coming over in T minus 20 so it’s all hands on deck for a tidy(ish) lounge. Until she’s had a G&T anyway.
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