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Baby Steps! Your Toddler’s Walking Milestones

It’s one of your child’s most exciting milestones, so mark each stage off as it comes

Walking is a huge step (pun totally intended!) in your toddler’s development, but roughly when can you look forward to seeing your little one taking her first wobbly steps? We’ve rounded up a checklist of your tot’s typical walking milestones. 


Though every child is different, most will walk between eight and 18 months. If your little one isn’t walking by the time she’s 18 months, don’t panic – she’ll do it when she’s ready, but it might be worth having a chat to your GP or health visitor.

If your little one isn’t walking by the time she’s 18 months, don’t panic

Standing up

Most children learn to stand unaided (often before crashing back down on their bottom) by the time they’re 14 months.


The transition between standing and walking, cruising is when your tot uses the sofa or a piece of furniture in reach to hold onto as she walks along. Most kids are cruising along the sofa by the time they’re a year old.

Standing on tiptoes

Most toddlers can stand on their tiptoes by the time they are two years old. And you know what that means? They have a bigger reach. Time to babyproof  those higher shelves!


Your Baby Beckham will probably be able to kick a ball by the time he hits 30 months.


Most toddlers can jump with both feet off the ground by 30 months. Children typically jump first by lifting only one foot off of the ground, but eventually get lift off with both their twinkle toes.


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