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Babyproof Your Home With Mother&Baby’s Safety House

When the time comes to childproof your home, make it quick and simple with our interactive Safety House  

All babies develop at different rates, and chances are your little may be on the move sooner than you anticipated. The second that he starts to pull himself up, tables and other surfaces will no longer be baby-free zones and once he can crawl he’ll get from A to B in the blink of an eye. So once your baby starts to get moving, it’s a good reminder to install stair gates, plug protectors and all of those other clever safety devices.
From cord blinds in the lounge to hot hobs in the kitchen, there are lots of possible dangers lurking – but luckily you can protect your baby from each risk with a simple safety device or precaution.
So, take a tour of Mother&Baby’s Safety House and see how many potential risks you can spot in the kitchen, lounge, bathroom and nursery. Then click through to find out what you can do to baby proof each room of your home. Your house will be a child-safe zone in no time.

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