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‘Don’t Let Preschoolers Stay Overnight With Daddy’, Says Parenting Expert To Co-Parents

The psychologist claims under-fives are damaged by ‘sleepovers’ with their separated fathers

One of Britain's leading parenting experts Penelope Leach, whose parenting books have sold millions, has angered fathers' rights groups by claiming that young children of separated couples should not be allowed to stay the stay the night with their fathers.

We all know how brutal a break-up can be, but when you throw children into the mix, the emotional toll can be even higher so no wonder psychologist Penelope Leach has angered many co-parenting families.

In her new book, Family Breakdown, she claims that, as a general rule, children aged four and under should not be separated from their mother by having a ‘sleepover’ with the father, when couples have separated.

Ms. Leach, the former president of the National Childminding Association, writes that attempts by separated parents to ‘share’ young children is putting ‘adult rights’ above those of children.

She added that there is ‘undisputed’ evidence that separating children from their mothers ‘reduces brain development’ and creates a tendency toward ‘unhealthy attachment issues’.

And Ian Maxwell, of Families Need Fathers, said her advice went against ‘common sense’ and that ‘the bond between fathers and children is just as important’.

It’s never easy if you and your partner decide to go your separate ways, but if there’s anything that you’ll both agree on, it’s that you want to make sure your child isn’t affected too much.

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