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Get messy with your little ones - it’s fun!

Whether it’s finger painting, making mud pies, or covering the kitchen in flour and sugar to bake a cake, messy play with your children is important - and good fun.

Messy play is a fun way to encourage a child’s creative development and can be flexible whether you have one, two, or more children at home.

According to developmental psychologist Dr. Janine Spencer, “traditional messy play is being replaced with mess-free pastimes and electronic games. Getting messy is part of a child’s creative development and is especially important in the formative toddler years.”

If you need more ideas of fun ways to get messy with your children, a good book is ‘The Little Book of Messy Play’ (Featherstone Education), which features a range of messy activity inspiration - from paint racing, pool painting, spongy feet, and giant ice cubes.  

The trouble is, once you’ve made all the mess, someone has to clean it up - and inevitable this job falls to mum. 

Dettol’s range of Power & Pure Advance sprays and wipes will make sure the toughest mess is cleaned up, with no harmful residues left behind. The unique formula breaks down to just water and oxygen. 

Dettol is available from most supermakets nationwide, with sprays from £3.49 and wipes frm £2.03. 

Dettol wipes and spray clean up messy play!
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Sophie studied History at the University of Sheffield and has been in journalism for 16 years. 

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