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Is Your Toddler Active Enough?

Rather than aim for a set amount of exercise time, your little one should be active all day, claim researchers.

The NHS recommends kids under five get at least 180 minutes of exercise a day, but new research from the US suggests that short bursts of activity throughout the day is the best approach to helping little ones stay fit.  The good news? Chances are, your tot’s geared up to do this anyway.

The study by Vanderbilt University in Nashville showed preschool-aged children require the majority of their waking day and take approximately 11 hours to attain daily exercise levels to achieve their recommended daily physical activity.

The children in the study, were aged three to five years old were either of normal weight or overweight and without medical conditions.  A muscle movement device was worn by the children 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The study showed that boys and girls are as active as each other, but girls have more bursts of super short activity while boys will be active for longer.  The researchers also found that during the day, all children pretty much meet 90 per cent of their energy requirements that day.

The message? Encourage those short bursts of energy – they all add up!

Besides chasing your little one around the playground, how do you and your toddler keep active?  Let us know in the comment box below.


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