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How does your toddler learn about inventions?

How does your toddler learn about inventions?

A new survey aims to find out how babies and toddlers learn to use inventions, from birth to 47 months. 

Dr Elena Hoicka at the University of Sheffield is seeking to discover how children come to understand our world full of inventions, including ancient inventions, like spoons, and modern inventions, like ipads.

You can complete the survey at

The survey asks questions about whether children know what to do with objects, e.g. do children know that you’re supposed to sit in a chair, and can children turn on a television themselves.

It takes around 10-15 minutes to register and complete the survey.

Dr Hoicka said: “Humans are great innovators, and our ability to create, replicate, and use inventions is key to our survival.

“Yet although learning to use cultural inventions is essential, we currently have no idea how many different objects young children know how to use.”


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