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How Learning To Talk Leads To Hilarious Toddler Words

Your little one learns to talk by listening and then building up simple sentences but often your toddlers renditions of words can be hilariously mispronounced – recognise any of these?
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When your toddler fails to pronounce the ‘l’

In ‘clock’
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Hey it’s okay if you now pronounce Spaghetti…

…’pasgetti’ (if you can’t beat them join them eh?)
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When Rice Krispies become…

‘Snapple Pops’
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When you ask her what the magic word is…

And she says abracadabra.
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Your household rabbit’s name has inevitably become…

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Your little one has butchered the word ‘biscuit’ so that now even daddy…

Asks for a ‘Bibbit’ with his tea.
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When she’s older, your little girl wants to be a…

Fashion ‘Vagina’
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When blueberries become...

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Football is now called 'Fitball'

And if David Beckham's anything to go by – we're likely to agree!

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