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How To Boost Your Toddler’s Love Of Music – On Car Journeys

A plus point of travelling in the car with your baby is that it’s a great way to get him appreciating music, according to new research

Honing your child’s music taste could be as simple as turning up the radio during car journeys. Whether that’s with The Saturdays, The Smiths or In The Night Garden tunes…

Drives with the family are the perfect place to help your toddler enjoy and start to appreciate different music, according to research published in the Journal of Research in Music Education.

Why, you ask? Because it’s pretty much free from household distractions and lets the whole family interact – whether that’s with singing, musical games or just the listening part.

The small study looked at five families with nine children aged between 10 months and four years old, and asked the parents to keep a journal of how their kids reacted to different types of music over nine weeks.

It’s pretty much free from household distractions and lets the whole family interact

The diaries highlighted specific benefits of listening to music in the car.

The confined space gets everyone involved but, at the same time, minimal eye contact from mum and dad, together with the divided front and back sections, encourages siblings to play musical games and sing together.

Lead researcher Lisa Huisman Koop’s main advice was to lead by example and let your kids see you having fun with music.

The more out of tune the better, right? Well, if our Les Mis tributes are anything to go by…

What songs does your family love in the car? Let us know on the comments board below.

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