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How to have fun with your toddler in Springtime

Make Spring fun

There’s a whole world of nature waking up outside for your toddler to explore - read our top 5 tips for how to enjoy Springtime with your little one

Charm worms

This is great fun for a toddler. When the ground is damp after rain, push a garden fork into your lawn. Get your toddler to hit the fork shaft as hard as he likes with a stick. Worms will start to appear, mistaking the vibrations for a mole.

Bring a bud to life

Look for a bush studded with leaf buds. Cut a twig off. When you get home, place it in a jar of water on a sunny windowsill. Get your toddler to check the twig daily to see if the buds are growing – and share the excitement when a huge leaf appears!

Make a butterfly feeder

Your toddler can help to make a simple feeder and will love watching the butterflies – or should we say ‘flutter-bys’ – it attracts. The day before you start this project, put a ripe banana in the freezer. Salvage a shallow plastic tray from the recycling bin. Wash and dry it, then pierce it in four places near the edge (a job for Mum), spacing the holes out as equally as possible. Thread four lengths of string through the holes, tying them together underneath the tray. Tie the other ends together into a knot, ensuring all the strings are of equal length. Peel the frozen banana and place on the tray. As the flesh defrosts into a mush, your toddler will enjoy mashing it with a fork. To attract the most butterflies, hang the feeder just above the tallest flowers in your garden.

Make a Spring bracelet

Attach a strip of masking tape, sticky-side outwards, around your toddler’s wrist to create a loose bracelet. Make one for yourself too. Then search for pretty natural items, such as petals and leaves to stick on the tape to make a spring bracelet. Do this activity in your garden, the park or on a walk in the woods.

Play snail hide and seek

Hunt for snails in the garden or park. You’re likely to find them where it’s shady and damp – look under stones, plant pots or crevices in walls. Gather them in a pot and mark the top of their shells with a splodge of correction fluid or non-toxic paint. Then let them go. The following day, go on a snail hunt to find them again.

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