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Indoor Fun And Games For Babies And Toddlers At Christmas

Indoor Fun And Games For Babies And Toddlers At Christmas

These house-bound festive games should keep little reindeers busy when it’s just too cold to go to the park.

After the excitement of Christmas and before the mayhem of New Years comes the awkward inbetween slump that we are all familiar with.  Beat fatigue from the mince pie overload and use these indoor-friendly activities to keep the festive spirit high until normality kicks in again.

T-Shirt Decorating

When regular arts ‘n’ crafts just isn’t cutting it with over-indulged little ones, (who’s idea was the giant selection box?) then decorating plain T’s – old or new – can be a nice way to grab their attention.  With it being Christmas and all you’ve got the perfect excuse to go overboard with the glitter.

Christmas Freeze

Put their excessive energy to good use and play a round of musical statues Christmas style – Musical Snowmen anyone? Not only is this a great way for you to exploit being able to listen to Wizzard on repeat, but it’s great if you’ve got lots of kids to entertain over the holidays


Tree Treasure Hunt

Make the most of the tree while it’s still about and set up a treasure hunt around it. Hide clues on the tree (works especially well if you have a big one) leading around the house. Great if you have family bearing gifts after the big day.

Secret Snowman

Cut a mini snowman out of card, and let your little one decorate it.  When Frosty is good to go, put on some masking tape and stick him to Daddy’s back - see how long it takes him to notice. Once he does, he has to secretly stick it on to someone else’s back until they notice, and so on. This will keep excited toddlers giggling, especially if the whole family plays along. Just don’t leave it stuck on Grandma when she’s fallen asleep after too many glasses of sherry.

Family Tree

Keep them both distracted for half an hour or so by turning your partner into a walking-talking Christmas tree.  Get him to stand with his arms out and let your little one decorate him with left over tinsel and baubles. As well as the results being frankly hilarious, this is a great opportunity for your two favourite people to get in some one-on-one bonding time.  If you’ve really got time to kill, encourage them to make their own decorations from card beforehand too.

It’s A Wrap

If you can manage to remember in the midst of the festive excitement – try to  keep some of your wrapping paper back for some fun activities with your toddler.  You can use it to make lots of exciting collages, or even for cards in the future. If any of the presents came in a box just too good to throw away, let your little one decorate it with the left over wrapping paper  -  not only will it be great for storing old Christmas cards,  but will brighten up your tots room and will be a great keepsake.


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