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Kimberly Wyatt says: “Let’s get our toddlers dancing!”

Kimberly Wyatt says: “Let’s get our toddlers dancing!”

Dancing and being active has always been a big part of former Pussycat Doll Kimberly
 Wyatt’s life. Here she tells us about her
daughter Willow’s love of dancing and why she’s supporting the Fisher Price #BeatBoBoogie campaign.

Kimberley says: “Willow is now 20 months old and is so active for her age. We’re a really active family so I think that’s where she gets it from and it’s really important to me to encourage that streak in her.

“She’s also picked up her love of dancing from me. She’ll dance anywhere, whether it’s in her baby dance classes, at home or she’ll even have a boogie when we’re out in a restaurant and some music comes on, she’s such a little performer.

“She also really enjoys dancing on her Fisher-Price Bright Beats Learnin’ Lights Dance Mat. She’s good at following the instructions and wiggling about to the music. We have such fun together and it teaches her so much. If you want to get your toddler into dancing then definitely try one out as it’s like having your own dance teacher at home.

“Willow is such a little daredevil already. She’ll take her scooter to the top of a hill and fly down, sticking one leg in the air and other mums are really surprised when I tell them her age. They think she’s a three year old from the way she charges about. She just has no fear and is a proper little adventurer. If there’s something to explore, jump off or run to, she’s there.

“I’m really trying to encourage Willow to be creative as well. Every Sunday before bath time, I get out a big canvas sheet and some different coloured paints and let her crawl about and play, then put her straight in the bath.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what the canvas looks like when it’s fully covered. I’m sure it will look like a piece of abstract art with all the different colours and I’m planning to get it framed so it’s her first mini masterpiece. I’ll definitely be showing it off to everyone when they come round.

“Willow also gets a bit rough with her favourite books and ends up accidently ripping pages out, so I’m keeping them to make a collage out of all of her favourite stories.

“I love creating keepsakes and things to remember all the fun things we’re doing together at the moment and that includes making videos too. Especially one’s where we’re dancing together as they’re not only fun to make, but they capture really special moments that I know I’ll love looking back on as she grows up.”

Kimberly has teamed up with Fisher-Price to support its #BeatBoBoogie campaign which celebrates music and dance and encourages active play. Kimberly loves dancing with Willow and has shared this super cute video of them dancing together:

Join in the fun and share your own videos of your baby dancing the #BeatBoBoogie to be in with a chance of winning fantastic prizes including Fisher-Price BeatBo toys. Visit to find out more.

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