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Panic Over! More Disney Frozen Merchandise Is On Its Way To The UK

More Frozen clothing, toys and dolls are being shipped here to make up for a nationwide shortage. Phew!

The film has broken box office records all over the world, won two Oscars and prompted what can only be described as mass hysteria for its DVDs and products (and that’s just in the parents…).

But now Disney has announced that it will be shipping over more Frozen merchandise to the UK to make up for the shortage.

The film was released in the UK at the end of last year, but has already raked in nearly £650 million at the box office.

The film won an Academy Award for Best Animated Movie and its main song, ‘Let It Go’, also went on to win an Oscar. It has also inspired numerous tributes on YouTube, including a version by Mother&Baby’s own reader’s children.

And then there’s the dress. The sparkly blue number that Elsa transforms into during her main song has been recreated by Disney and sold in store.

Only problem is that not only has it sold out, but the dresses are being sold on eBay for extortionate amounts – sometimes up to £100 for a £25 dress and even more on eBay in the US.

The Disney Frozen 'Elsa' dress

In fact, demand became so high on both sides of the Atlantic that Disney started putting limits on the number of Frozen products you could buy to prevent bulk buying.

So if you’ve been scouring the shops and supermarkets for any Frozen merchandise you can get your hands on, with any luck you should finally be able to buy the dresses, toys, wigs and crowns that are making every little person go mad with excitement this year. Just in time for summer. And we all know what happens to snow in summer (just don’t tell Olaf!)

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