Mother and Baby

Things Your Toddler Wishes You Knew

You've read all the parenting books so it’s about time you got some advice from your own toddler. Here’s what your little one is really thinking...
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‘Don’t rush me, I’m playing!’

Translates to: ‘Finally, a few moments with my fave toy and now you’re trying to force my limbs into clothing. Please, Mum, back off.’
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‘Argh, she’s taking my stack rings!’

Translates to: ‘First she’s welcomed into my home and fed my special snacks, now she’s got my best toys. Enough already.’
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‘We’re going home already?’

Translates to: ‘Every time I find something fun to do, it’s snatched away from me. Well, I’ve had enough. I’m going to lie on the floor and yell.’
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‘If I can’t wear my pirate t-shirt, I’m staying in PJs’

Translates to: ‘Imagine how you’d like it if you had your clothes picked out for you every morning. Yeah, not fun is it?’
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‘But look at all the fun I’m having’

Translates to: ‘It is hilarious to watch you pick up my beaker of juice from the floor again and again and again’
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‘Where are the toast triangles? I liked the toast triangles’

Translates to: ‘Yesterday, you won me over with those kite-shaped pieces but now we’re back to unimaginative rectangles. As if it never happened.’
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‘But it looks so pretty on the walls’

Translates to: ‘You’re always giving paper and crayons, but when I seize initiative and redecorate your blank wall, it’s a different story.’
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‘It sounds like a par-tay in the living room’

Translates to: ‘I know it’s bedtime, but I’ve always wondered what you guys get up to. And with my new bed, I can climb right out.’

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