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8 imaginative ways to get your toddler excited about Christmas

Spending your entire Sunday evening sourcing the perfect tree and making a dent in your little one's advent calendar (oops!) means the Christmas countdown is officially on! Hurrah! 

In between card writing and navigating Christmas shopping crowds, it's lovely to get your toddler excited for the magical festivities...

...even if all they're interested in is playing with the wrapping paper! 

8 Ways To Get Your Toddler Excited About Christmas Expand Image 8 Ways To Get Your Toddler Excited About Christmas

1) Create a countdown

Whether it’s with an Advent calendar, checking days off together on the kitchen wall planner, or even one of those cute apps on your phone that ticks down the days for you, make a daily moment of telling your toddler how long there is to go.
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2) Decorate the garden

Buy an ornamental reindeer to put in your garden. It’ll be lovely to point out to your child excited about Father Christmas coming soon – you could tell her the reindeer’s waiting until Santa’s ready to start visiting everyone. Silliness like this can become great family xmas traditions.
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3) Story time

Some of our favourite festive reads for young children include The Jolly Christmas Postman (£12.99, Puffin) and the Christmas collection of Mr. Men. Or indulge in a Christmas film one Sunday evening  – think Elf, Miracle On 34th Street or Santa Claus: The Movie - for whole-family fun. 
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4) Take a festive lights tour

Bundle into the car one early evening and drive round to look at the Christmas lights in your local area. Your toddler will love seeing them twinkling, and there’s always someone who goes all out with a serious spot-it-from-space effort. You could even turn it into a game where your little one can count how many twinkly houses they see on the way home from the shops.
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5) Write to Santa

Sit down and write a letter so your toddler can scribble her name or draw a picture together to send to Father Christmas.
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6) Get baking

Gingerbread trees. Biscuit baubles. Snowmen hot chocolate... Make a mess in the kitchen and let your toddler help you with the mixing/icing/decorating to show them all the fun things involved in the run up to the 25th. Tastes good, too! 
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7) Make a stocking

Use a craft or messy play session to help your child make their own stocking. Cut the two shapes out of fabric, sew the sides up and add a ribbon to hang it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. For younger children, they could stick on felt shapes and glitter to an already-made stocking. Add their name for a personal touch. 
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8) Elf yourself!

Whether you’re three or 30, there’s huge laughter potential in giving your whole family a dancing elf makeover. Visit for the free web tool – all you need are photos to upload.


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