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Toddlers Argue About The Weather In Hilarious Video

Us Brits like to discuss the weather, but that hasn’t got anything on these toddlers who argued over whether it was ‘sprinkling’ or ‘raining’ in a new video clip that’s gone viral.

Uploaded on September 24th by the mother of the twin girls in the video, the clip depicts an argument between a group of toddlers.

The twin girls think it’s raining, but the little boy insists it’s sprinkling, getting increasingly frustrated.
He slightly loses a sense of reality at one point with the exclamation ‘You’re pretty. You’re not real. I’m real!’
The video ends with the funniest phrase of all. When one of the girls pokes his chest, he shouts ‘You poked my heart!’
Have you witnessed any hilarious arguments with your kids? Let us know below!


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