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Toddlers Can Use IPads Before They Can Speak

Our tech-savvy kids are playing games on tablets before they can even string a sentence together

Children can play on tablets, like iPads before they master how to talk, according to new research. Pre-school children are so tech savvy they’re learning to work tablets before they can even speak, suggest findings of a survey looking at 2000 parents by electronics company VTech. More than a quarter of youngsters are playing games like Angry Birds ahead of learning to talk and 70 per cent know how to use gadgets by the time they start primary school. Parents are encouraging children to use tablets as 42 per cent are buying electronic devices for educational purposes.

By the time they hit five years old, the average child has sent around 85 texts and 116 emails

'Kids are more tech savvy and connected to the world and each other than ever before,’ says Charlotte Johnson from VTech.  What’s more, they’re not just whizzes with games either, by the time they hit five years old, the average child has sent around 85 texts and 116 emails.

While there are lots of apps out there to improve your toddler’s learning skills, try Animal Zoo Match on the iPad, there are concerns  about too much screen time may mean they’re ditching books and many experts says parents shouldn’t expose children under the age of two to any screen-time. 

Even the Queen recently voiced her concern over the phenomenon and fears children are playing computer games and reading ebooks more at the expense of reading books. Research from the National Literacy Trust also reveals children are moving away from reading in favour of other activities, particularly visual-based media.

If your little one loves his touch screen, remember not to forget about encouraging face-to-face language skills as well. The NHS website recommends parents to make faces and noises and talk about what’s going on to encourage your baby’s speech. Ask questions like, ‘Are you hungry now?’ or ‘Do you want some milk?’

How quickly did your baby learn how to work your phone/tablet? Or do you not allow them to play with technology at all? Let us know! 


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