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VIDEO! Watch The Heartwarming Moment A Deafblind Toddler Hears For The First Time

The little girl was filmed after she’d been fitted with cochlear implants, which helped her hear sound for the first time

It’s easy to take everyday sounds – knocks and bangs – for granted. But for one little toddler, you could see the delight that noise has for her.

That’s because Chloe Ring, who at the time of filming was 14 months old, was born with dual sensory loss, which means she was deaf and blind.

But after undergoing an operation at Bristol’s children’s hospital, Chloe was able to hear sound for the first time. As the cochlear implants are turned on, you can see her face lighting up, her head starts bobbing up and down and she looks from side-to-side at every little sound she hears.

Chloe was just a week old when doctors told her parents that she was deaf. Her father, Neil, is also profoundly deaf. However, things became even tougher for the couple when the discovered that Chloe was also blind.

However, when Chloe, now five, was fitted with cochlear implants at 14 months, the change was immediate.

‘It is like she was suddenly switched on,’ says her mum, Jane. ‘She absolutely loved sound, from the moment she was given it.

‘I was overjoyed. You feel like you are taking this massive risk with your tiny, precious child,’ she added. ‘But I could see straight away, it had all been worth it.’

Steve Rose, from the charity Sense, which helps support children with dual sensory loss, said: ‘Most of what we learn about the world comes from our senses of sight and hearing, so children like Chloe who are both deaf and blind face many barriers.

‘But with the right support, tailored to their individual needs, deafblind children can achieve so much. Sense has been supporting Chloe, her family and the professionals who work with her to help her to communicate and learn.

‘Our main focus is always on what deafblind children can do, instead of dwelling on what they can’t.’

Watch the full video below.


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