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A Helping Hand For When You And Your Child Are Ready To Sleep Independently

Once you have settled your little one to sleep, a baby monitor will give you the peace of mind knowing that you can hear the smallest sound as soon as she awakes

Bringing your newborn baby home for the first time is a precious and exciting time but it is also common for new mums to be anxious about settling their new baby to sleep, especially if you're sat in the lounge while she's sleeping in the bedroom.

TOMY is a trusted name with parents and their latest TF Baby Monitors are simple to set up and easy to use making life just that little bit easier for parents. TOMY know how important it is for you to be able to hear your baby clearly and because of this, the new TF Baby Monitors offer crystal clear, interference-free sound.

Of course, one thing you do want is a reliable piece of kit, which is why the TOMY TF Monitor has a clever alarm system that will sound if the link is lost between the baby and the parent unit or if the battery is low.

If your baby does stir, you can easily control the night light to get a better view of your baby or get a soothing lullaby to play with the simple touch of a button on your parent unit, meaning you don't have to go into the room where your baby's sleeping, potentially disturbing her more.

Sarah Bashford, 30, from Eaglescliffe, mum to Lewis, seven weeks, tried out the TF500 monitor, and told us,

'The TOMY monitor is very easy, simple and straight forward to set up and the sound quality is excellent. The adjustable nightlight is a great feature. It enabled me to check on my son in a darkened room without disturbing him. The TOMY Monitor gave me complete peace of mind.'

The TOMY TF Baby Monitors are developed by parents with feedback from parents to give you the reassurance you need when settling a newborn to sleep.


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