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50 children with Down Syndrome taking part in 'Carpool Karaoke' is the most beautiful thing you'll see today

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A carpool karaoke style video featuring 50 mums and their children singing along to Christina Perri's, 'A Thousand Years' has now been released and it's incredibly moving. 

The tear-jerking YouTube clip shows children with Downs Syndrome using Makaton in time with the heartfelt lyrics.

The proud mums got together in bid to show the world just how ordinary and fun life with the condition is. The results are stunning. 

The video, called 50 Mums | 50 Kids | 1 Extra Chromosome, goes live in advance of this year's World Down Syndrome Day and seeks to popularise the social media hashtag #wouldntchangeathing because that’s exactly what 97% of people with Down’s Syndrome and their families report.

The mums featured in the video are all part of a Facebook group known as "Designer Genes" created for parents who have a child with Down Syndrome born in 2013/14.

The video is in support of World Down Syndrome Week, which takes place from the 19th to the 25th March 2018.  Makaton is designed to help hearing people with learning or communication difficulties using signs, symbols alongside speech. 

Becky Carless mother to Archie aged 4  said "We believe this video really does have the potential to be the most viewed across the world on World Down Syndrome Day this year, so we urge everyone to share share share to help us make it a success!"

There was initially some worry over the copyright issues of using Christina Perri's song, however within an hour of being contacted, she and her husband were declared their heartfelt support for the idea, committing their multi-million social media following and waiving any copyright claim to the music in support of the campaign.

Great work, mums! 

Read more about Down Syndrome Awareness Week and discover clever fundraising tips here.

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