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25 spring-inspired baby names for boy and girls

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Spring, glorious spring! If you’re expecting your baby any day now and want to give your new arrival a seasonal name, we’ve got just what you need. 

Of course, the obvious floral names spring to mind (pardon the pun), but if you’re looking for something more unusual, read on!

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1. Anemone 

A beautiful floral name that is far less common than other spring flowers, Anemone means ‘daughter of the wind’. Pronounced ‘ah-NEM-oh-nee’, the ancient Greek myth behind this flower accounts for its other name – windflower.
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2. ​Aries

 A cute Zodiac sign name that commemorates your baby’s birthdate, we love this unusual name. As an Aries, your baby will be the leader of the pack, spontaneous and daring Let’s see if he lives up to his name!
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3. April 

 A cute name for babies born in, well, April, this is one of the most popular month names around. Meaning ‘to open’, the rise in popularity could be due to Kate Winslet’s adaptation of character ‘April Wheeler’ in the 2008 adaption of Richard Yates' Revolutionary Road.
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4. Atwell

An English baby name that means ‘lives by the spring’, this is the perfect unusual name for your baby boy.
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5. Lily 

One of the most popular English flower names, she might not be the only Lily in the playground, but we’re sure you’ll love her name forever. A symbol of purity in Christian imagery, famous Lily’s include model Lily Cole, singer Lily Allen and Harry Potter’s mother and daughter.
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6. Heath

Another nature-themed name for spring, Heath means ‘the heathland dweller’. Now famously linked to the late Heath Ledger, this beautiful traditional name is still a lovely seasonal choice.
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7. Honey 

Meaning ‘sweet’ this adorable name has risen in popularity over the past few years. This could be down to famous fans such as Fearne Cotton and Jamie Oliver, but either way, we love it.
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8. Owen

A strong Celtic name that means ‘young warrior’ or ‘well born’, this cute name is rising in popularity.
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9. Rose

Another popular spring flower, this old-fashioned name is finally having the revival it deserves. Whether you’re a Titanic fan, or just love the flower, this is a cute choice.
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10. Wells 

A name that literally means ‘spring’, for a long time, Wells has been considered a surname. In recent years, we’ve seen Wells be used more and more as an alternative spring forename and we love it.
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11. Bluebell

Sometimes shortened to ‘Blue’ this unusual name has a definite spring feel. Most recently chosen by Geri Halliwell for her daughter, Bluebell Madonna.
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12. Denver

Meaning ‘green valley’, this is another unusual spring choice for your new arrival.
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13. May 

Another old fashioned name that is making a comeback, this cute month name is traditionally a diminutive of Margaret and Mary.
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14. Eden

A unisex choice, this traditional biblical name is rising in popularity at the moment. Meaning ‘paradise’, this cute name has a fresh feel to it.
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15. Daisy 

 A name that instantly brings back memories of making daisy-chains in the garden, this beautiful name never fails to make us smile. A popular choice for Great Gatsby fans, Daisy originally comes from the phrase ‘day’s eye’, as the flower opens its petals at daybreak.
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16. Sunny 

Another unisex name that literally means ‘sunny’. Hopefully your little one will live up to his radiant, happy name!
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17. Poppy

 Often a popular choice for redheaded baby girls, Poppy is another cute floral name that remains on the popular lists. Another floral name chosen by Jamie Oliver, we don’t see Poppy going out of fashion anytime soon.
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18. Buzz

A name that we can safely say McFly Tom Fletcher and super-mum Giovanna have put on this list, we love this cute choice. A spring sound that definitely means summer is on the way!
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19. Rain

As we all know, spring in England wouldn’t be spring without the frequent April shower! Rain is a cute name with a cool, fresh feel to it.
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20. Hunter

 A green colour that symbolises the change in season, we love this tough, hardy name for your little warrior.
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21. Fleur 

Meaning ‘flower’ in French, this delicate yet beautiful name has seen a recent revival, perhaps due to Fleur Delacour – the beautiful French wizard in Harry Potter. For other French themed girl names, have a look here.
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22. River

 Another Jamie Oliver inspired name (River Rocket being the latest addition to his brood), we love the tranquil feel to this cute boys’ name.  
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23. Iris

 Meaning ‘rainbow’, this cute, old-fashioned baby name is making a comeback. Celebrity fans include Jude Law and Sadie Frost, who chose Iris as the name for their baby daughter.
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24. Skye 

A popular name for both girls and boys, this cute name is actually a place in Scotland. With plenty of spring connotations, we love the names fresh feel.
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25. Willow 

An ancient, but beautiful name that features in literature from Shakespeare to Harry Potter, it has recently made a revival after Will Smith’s famous daughter whipped her hair back and forth.

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