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21 astrology-inspired baby names that are written in the stars

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Some parents-to-be find their baby name inspirations from their favourite book, a place they've visited together, or, from a theme, like astrology. 

Whether you're looking for a potential name with a zodiac reference or you wanted something that sounded a bit more personal, this list of astrology-themed baby names may make your decision a little bit clearer.

Perhaps the baby name you were looking for is written in the stars...


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1) Apollo

To kick off the astrology baby names list we have, Apollo. The name Apollo actually means destroyer and Apollo was one of the early Christian disciples. 
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2) Ariel

The name Ariel means lioness of God, and according to Indian Astrology, people who have names beginning with A are creative. 
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3) Ciro

If you're wanting to shorten the name Cyrus, the name Ciro is also a hit if you're after an astrological name. Ciro's meaning is Of The Sun. 
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4) Aurora

As well as being such a pretty name for your baby girl, the name Aurora relates to the natural phenomenon of the red and green lights in the sky.
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5) Cyrus

The name Cyrus' astrological meaning comes from Cyrus the Great who conquered Babylon and founded the Persian Empire. 
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6) Bellatrix

The name Bellatrix is a particularly special one as Bellatrix is the third brightest star in the constellation of Orion and the twenty-seventh brightest star in the sky. What a beautiful meaning for your baby girl. 
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7) Draco

The name Draco is particularly special, being one of the earliest constellations to have been discovered. 
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8) Celeste

The name Celeste means heavenly. In Latin, Celeste refers to the night sky. 
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9) Juno

As well as being an adorable baby name, Juno is also the zodiac sign for marriage and commitment. 
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10) Dawn

The name Dawn is a popular name choice due to the astrology meaning it has. Names that start with the letter D will be people who have success in life according to Indian Vedic Astrology. 
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11) Leo

The name Leo means Lion in Latin. As well as following the zodiac sign, Leo means they have a strength of character and physique. 
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12) Estella

Estella is a variation of the name Estelle, which means star. 
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13) Orion

Orion is the name of one of the most well-known star constellations in the sky. A great name for your baby boy! 
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14) Luna

You've probably guessed that Luna holds the meaning of the moon. Luna would be a cute one for all the girls who are born under the zodiac sign of Cancer as Cancer is said to be ruled by the moon. 
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15) Rory

Although Rory is a variation from the name Aurora, it can be a lovely name for your baby girl or boy. 
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16) Lyra

Lyra has a lot of significance when it comes to astrology. Firstly, the name means lyre, which is a harp-like instrument, and Lyra is also the name of the lyre-shaped constellation within Orpheus. 
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17) Sirius

The name Sirius holds the Greek and Latin meaning of burning, and, it is also the brightest star in the sky, nicknamed as the dog star. 
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18) Phoenix

The name Phoenix means mystical bird and is known for being an art of any kind! 
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19) Pandora

The name Pandora has a lot of significance when it comes to the world of astrology, but most importantly, it refers to the choices we make when curious. 
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20) Taurus

As you've probably guessed, Taurus refers to Saint Taurinus. Taurus is a constellation that looks like a bull in the sky. 
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21) Nova

A very sweet baby name for a girl. A Nova is a nuclear explosion in a white dwarf star. 

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