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30 autumnal baby names you'll fall in love with (and their meanings!)

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If you're expecting a little one this autumn, you might still be looking for some baby-name inspiration. 

Falling in love with a baby name doesn't happen overnight and it can often be months before you find one that's perfect, so why not pick a name that's perfect for the beautiful season that your little one will be born in? 

We love all the smells, vibrant colours, and stuff to do in autumn, and we even love our pick of autumn-inspired names.

Here are 30 baby names inspired by autumn that you might just fall in love with! 

Autumn-inspired baby names:

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1) Amber

The name Amber is perfect for an autumn baby as it is one of the most seen colours of the season. It's also an english word-name for a fossilized jewel. 
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2) Archer

Meaning 'bowman', the name Archer is of English origin.
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3) Aurelia

Meaning ‘golden' the name Aurelia reminds us of the golden, yellow leaves in autumn and is a name that has been popular since the Roman Empire.
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4) Ash

From the English meaning 'Ash tree' this seasonal moniker is perfect for both boys and girls. 
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5) Autumn

This favourite seasonal name could not be more autumn inspired, as it literally comes from the season-name itself. It sounds colourful and beautiful, making it a lovely name for any baby girl! 
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6) Aspen

Aspen trees take a yellowish golden hue during autumn, and the name is very popular for any baby boy or girl. 
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7) Berry

How sweet is this name? Inspired by nature, this name also takes inspiration from the autumn berry which grow on olive trees.
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8) Aster

With the Greek origin meaning 'star', Aster is also the flower of the month September. this name would be ideal for any girl or boy! 
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9) Fern

Fern is a popular little girls name which origin comes from the plant. 
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10) Blaze

Similar to the name Amber, this name is a lovely autumn name due to it representing fire which is full of vibrant orange colours. Of Latin origin, it means 'one who stutters'. 
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11) Ginger

Inspired by the spice, this name is also the colour of a reddish, orange tone, making it the perfect autumn name. 
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12) Cedar

Cedar is inspired by the aromotic cedar tree, whose leaves turn into gorgeous colours during autumn.
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13) Hazel

Meaning 'the hazelnut tree', this lovely name reminds us of those cosy autumn nights drinking a cup of hot cocoa. 
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14) Hunter

This name is of English origin meaning 'the one who hunts'.
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15) Ivy

This evergreen plant makes for a gorgeous name and perfect for an autumn baby. While all the leaves are falling off the trees in autumn, this plant stays green, vibrant and is a symbol of eternity. 
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16) Jora

No name is more fitting for autumn than Jora, which is of Herbew origin meaning 'autumn rain'. This name would be lovely for either a baby boy or girl.
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17) Libra

This name is beautiful for a little girl, as it's inspired by the autumnal star sign, Libra. It's also of Greek origin meaning 'scales, balances'.
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18) Marcus

Marcus is of Latin origin meaning 'warlike'. This tough name also refers to the God of Mar, which means 'to harvest'. 
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19) Maize

This would make a cute name for a baby girl! Maize is the name for corn, a crop that is often harveseted during autumn and used to decorate houses. 
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20) Oakley

Meaning 'oak wood or clearing', this name stands proud as an autumn-inspired baby name.
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21) Orla

This adorable name is of Irish origin meaning 'golden princess', which is a great fit for an autumn baby girl.
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22) Oliver

The meaning of Oliver is 'olive tree' whose fruits turn red in autumn and it's of Latin origin. The name is perfect for an autumn baby boy, or even Olive for a baby girl. 
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23) Paisley

From Scottish origin meaning 'church', Paisley the name refers to a fresh, autumn fabric with funky patterns that was designed in Paisley, Scotland. 
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24) Phoenix

This fierce name is of Greek origin meaning 'dark red'. It's also a symbol of immortality, as the bird who rose from the ashes. 
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25) Pomona

If you're wanting a name that's a little different then Pomona is the perfect autumn name. This beautiful name is of Latin origin meaning "apple".
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26) Rory

Rory is of Irish origin meaning 'red king'. 
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27) Sienna

This delicate name's origin is Italian and is inspired by the historic Tuscan city. 
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28) Roux

Pronounced "Roo", the name comes from Latin meaning 'russet' which is a brownish red colour. 
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29) Sorrell

This beautiful name is of French origin meaning 'reddish brown' which makes it the perfect autumnal name. 
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30) Rowan

Meaning 'little red head' and of Irish origin, Rowan is also the name of a tree with red berries.

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